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Electric coffee tamper auto tampering 58mm hot sales Easy coffee distributor and


压粉器MC-58S 2

Name:Commercial Electric Automatic Coffee Tamper
Model: MC-58S
Material:Plastic+Aluminum plated with silver

(PS:Regular colors: Black, white,Other colors require MOQ)
Pressure: 10-30KG
Voltage: 110-240V 50/60Hz
N.W: 4.5KG
G.W: 5.5KG
Tamper Diameter: 58MM
Usable times:More Than 1500 Times
Horizontal Line:6 Gears Adjustable Horizontal Lower Holder
Power Press:Mirror Metal Smooth Power Press

1.The machine is small and light, without the trouble of wire winding,and easy to move when working.
2.Automatic machine can reduce the pain caused by frequent exertion of wrist joint.
3.You can choose a pressure range of 10 to 30 kg. The pressure is constant. Every cup of coffee is good.
4.It can be used more than 1500 times after charging for two hours.
5.There is a prompt when the power is low on the digital display screen, so you don't need to worry about the sudden power failure
during working hours, which will affect the work.
6.Adopt the metal sensor, put the handle in place to work, with high speed, high efficiency and simple operation.
7.Adjustable horizontal lower holder, suitable for different height of coffee handle.
8.The cleaning is simple. You can press the "clean" button and use the cleaning brush to clean the machine.

Packing List:
Machine Body*1
Hex Key*1
Cleaning Brush*1

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